about me

Hello! My name is Małgorzata Kmieć. I'm a 26-year-old freelance 2D artist, specializing in digital illustration and concept art (focusing on character and creature design). Art is my biggest passion for as long as I can remember. Three years ago I decided to make it my career and since then I'm constantly focused on improving my skills, polishing fundamentals and experimenting with styles.

As mentioned above, I'm mainly interested in illustration and concept art. Character-focused illustration is the field I enjoy the most, because it allows me to bring characters to life, show their personalities and the world they are living in. In my work I enjoy exploring the fantasy universe where design possibilities are unbound. Due to a strong understanding of fundamentals I'm not scared of working in many different styles.

But painting is not my only interest. I love to read books, Harry Potter being my favourite one. Next thing on my list are games! Me and my loved one either battle in Magic the Gathering for a round or two, or explore dungeons in Minecraft. And if sometimes I feel like 2d paintings are not enough for me I work on one of the Warhammer figurines while listening to epic soundtracks.


01/04/2017 - Freelance Illustrator and Concept artist | Berlin, Germany

Previous and current clients:
Mighty Box
Lixivium Games

01/02/2016 - 31/03/2017 Junior Art Designer at Softgames | Berlin, Germany

Main tasks:
-creating characters, assets and backgrounds for cross-device casual games
-designing GUI for cross-device games
-providing ideas and concepts for new game projects
-giving feedback to external artists
-providing marketing materials for game promotions
-cooperating with developers and programmers in the process of developing games

01/10/2014 - 01/02/2015 Concept artist at Artist Entertainment | Poznan, Polska

Main tasks:
-creating concepts of characters for visual novels
-providing elements for dress-up and creator-type games
-drawing short cartoon comics

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