about me

My name is Malgorzata and I’m a 2D artist based in Berlin. My professional career as an artist started almost five years ago and since then I had the chance to take part in many projects, mainly for the game industry. After a few years of working as an artist I can say with confidence that versatility and flexibility are my biggest advantages. I worked full time in game studios and this helped me understand the importance of team work and the value of receiving and giving feedback. During my freelance career however, I had a chance to learn self discipline and organization skils. I’m able to adapt to many different styles in order to deliver the best possible art for each project I’m hired for. So far, I worked for board games (including studios like Wizkids), where I had to create cover art as well as character designs, card games, where my main task was to provide the client with cool and adventurous illustrations, and of course video games (including all kinds of tasks, mainly character,creature and asset design)

Since art is both, my work and my biggest passion, I spend most of my time exploring different possibilities and learning new things. I believe that an artist never stops learning and I’m trying my best to discover new ways of improving my art, both on a professional and creative level. Since some time I’m also exploring the world of 3D art and I’m extremely motivated to learn everything it has to offer. I have a basic understanding of 3D modeling and texturing and I’m familiar with Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and 3D Coat.

Whoever thinks that magic doesn’t exist has never heard of art. This is the best way to describe me as an artist. I believe that art is about creating new and exciting worlds that will take the viewer on a unforgettable and magical journey.

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11/09/2018 - Game Artist at Huuuge | Berlin, Germany

Main tasks:
-creating characters, assets and backgrounds for new games
-designing and improving new and existing GUI
-providing ideas and concepts for new game projects
-giving feedback to outsourced companies

01/04/2017 - Freelance Illustrator and Concept artist | Berlin, Germany

Previous and current clients:
Mighty Box
Lixivium Games

01/02/2016 - 31/03/2017 Junior Art Designer at Softgames | Berlin, Germany

Main tasks:
-creating characters, assets and backgrounds for cross-device casual games
-designing GUI for cross-device games
-providing ideas and concepts for new game projects
-giving feedback to external artists
-providing marketing materials for game promotions
-cooperating with developers and programmers in the process of developing games

01/10/2014 - 01/02/2015 Concept artist at Artist Entertainment | Poznan, Polska

Main tasks:
-creating concepts of characters for visual novels
-providing elements for dress-up and creator-type games
-drawing short cartoon comics
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